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Anti social behaviour

Anti social behaviour (ASB) causes disturbance, upset and misery in people’s lives. ASB is any behaviour that unreasonably interferes with other people’s rights to use and enjoy their home, community and environment.

Our customers tell us that ASB is all these things and more:

Your tenancy agreement says that everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way, providing they do not upset people living near to them. A good neighbour will tolerate and understand the different lifestyles of others.

You are responsible for the behaviour of everyone living in or visiting your home. This includes children, members of your family, visitors and friends.

We will take action against any of our customers who are responsible for ASB if our customers complain to us about it.

If you experience any ASB - report it to us. Your Neighbourhood Worker is you first point of contact and will deal with any reports of ASB, swiftly and in confidence.

Community trigger

The Community Trigger allows members of the community to ask the Cheshire East Community Safety Partnership to review their response to complaints of ASB.

Have you reported the same anti-social behaviour problem three times or more in the past six months to the Council, Police or Wulvern, and inappropriate action has been taken in line with the relevant agencies policy and procedure? If so, click here on the following link to report your issue and request to pull the community trigger. 


7th August 2015

ASB policy