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Call us on 01270 506200 Email us on enquiries@wulvern.org.uk

Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy you will need to give us at least four weeks’ notice.   The easiest way to end your tenancy is by filling in the form below.

It is really important to know what type of tenancy you are on.  If you are on an assured or secure tenancy once you have submitted this form you cannot change your mind.

Types of tenancy

If you are unsure which type of tenancy you have, the Customer Support Team will confirm once they receive this notice.

Assured or secure tenancy - Once you send us the form or told us in writing that you want to end your tenancy you cannot change your mind.  The tenancy will come to an end once the notice period has expired.

Fixed term tenancy for five years - You can change your mind and withdraw this notice.  The tenancy will not come to an end.  this is because you are either exercising a break clause or making a request to end the tenancy early.  We do not normally refuse a request to end the tenancy early. 

What happens after I send my notice?

We will contact you to:

You must:


What do I need to do before I move?

Before you move out, please remember to:


End your tenancy today.

Please complete this form if you wish to:

Please note that you must give us four weeks notice. If you give notice on a Monday the four weeks will start from that date. If you give notice on any other day of the week, the four week notice will start on the first Monday after the date you give us notice.

We are sorry to see you go. 



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