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Making alterations to your home

Making alterations to your home

You can apply to carry out improvements or alterations to your home.

Why do I need to apply to carry out alterations and improvements?

Altering and improving your home can involve major work that may require other approval for example, planning permission, building regulations, asbestos regulations.

It is important to make sure that safety regulations are followed. It is also a condition of your tenancy agreement that you must get written consent from us before carrying out alterations or improvements to your home.

When should I apply?

You should apply for permission before the work starts, once you have written permission from us then the work can begin. Once the work is done you should inform us as we may need to inspect it.

Download our information leaflet about making alterations or improvements to your home for more information about the types of alterations and improvements you need permission for and how the application process works.

Apply to make an alteration now.

Please provide details of contractors / person(s) carrying out the work

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