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Call us on 01270 506200 Email us on enquiries@wulvern.org.uk

Your rent

Your rent

There are many easy ways to set up payments or pay your rent using your Rent Payment Card (allpay card). Simply choose the method that suits you!

Direct Debit/Standing Order

If you have a bank or giro account it is possible for you to pay your rent by Direct Debit or Standing Order. This is the easiest method of payment for the majority of our customers, if you would like to use this method of payment, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a direct debit form to complete.


You can also use your allpay card to make payments at many retail outlets. Simply take your allpay card and your payment to the counter where you will be given a printed receipt as proof of payment.


You can pay via the telephone with a credit or debit card call us on 01270 506200 option one.

Having difficulties paying?

If you are having trouble paying your rent for whatever reason, contact our Income's Specialists, we can talk through a range of options available to help you call 01270 506200 and select option 1.

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