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Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing

We understand the importance of maximising your independence to ensure that you continue living a healthy and active lifestyle.

We recognise that as you get older your housing needs can change. You may become worried about the upkeep of a large home or have concerns about your safety; you may feel isolated and be looking for a sense of community. If this applies to you then our sheltered housing may be just what you’re looking for!

Our sheltered housing is specifically designed to offer independent living with the added support and reassurance provided by a dedicated Housing Co-ordinator, security system and 24 hour emergency alarm.

Sheltered housing allows you to continue living your life to the full. You have your own private apartment, plus the great communal facilities where there is always something going on to keep you busy and active!

Each of our sheltered housing schemes throughout Crewe and Nantwich is managed by a Sheltered Housing Co-ordinator who is on hand to help to support residents as well as manage the building.

The Sheltered Housing Co-ordinators carry out a personal Support Plan for each resident to identify your current level of independence and identify any additional support that may help you to remain independent.

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about moving to a sheltered court is the feeling of living within a secure, comfortable and close-knit community, knowing that there are people around to talk to and socialise with. No one has to feel alone at one of our sheltered courts.

Sheltered housing can cost as little as £85 per week and all maintenance costs, such as window cleaning, gardening and repairs are included in the service charge so you don’t have to worry about payments for any repairs etc. A call to our customer services helpline and the problem can be fixed straight away with no additional charges.


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